10 Effective Uses Of Tea Bags That Work!

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Most of the people throw away the tea bags after drinking tea. But after reading this article you will never do it again! Like the tea which has lot of good health benefits, the tea bags too can be used in effective way for many benefits.

So, do not just throw away your used tea bags! Read the below uses and try it yourself.

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Here are 10 effective uses of tea bags that work!

For soothing puffy and tired eyes: This is the most common use of tea bags. Soak tea bags in ice-cold water or simply pour on water and leave in the refrigerator. Apply it over your eyelids. It not only relieves redness and puffiness, but also refreshes tired eyes. You can also heal pink eye using this method.

For reducing the effect of bruising: Apply a fresh-brewed, but cooled tea bag of black tea on the injured spot and it will help reduce bruising. This is due to the substance contained in black tea, tannic acid, which reduces swelling and constricts the blood vessels. For best results, apply the compress twice a day, leaving 20 minutes.

For sunburn and acne: Tea bags can be used as a remedy for sunburn. You can add tea bags to you bath. This will ease the pain of sunburns and provide relief. You can also wash off the affected areas with cold tea made from used bags.Tea bags can also help with acne. Wipe your face with used green tea bag.

For healing razor cuts: Tea bags can help with razor cuts. Wet tea bags can reduce and calm nagging pain from a razor cut.

For oral hygiene: Tea bags can also be used for healing painful sores in your mouth. Soak the tea bag in water and slightly bite onto it with your teeth. It will reduce the pain and speed up healing process.

For removing warts: You can use old tea bags to get rid of warts. Soak them in hot water, then put over your wart for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Make sure you dispose of the tea bag after using it on the wart.

For bad breath: Tea bags can refreshen your breath. Rinsing with strong brewed tea reduces the unpleasant smell from the mouth.

For sweaty feet: Tea bags will help with the sweaty feet. Before going to bed, Soak your feet in luke warm tea for 10-15 minutes, then wipe them with a towel.

For unpleasant odors: Tea bags can be used as natural air freshener as it can effectively absorb unpleasant odors. You can keep tea bags in your smelly shoes to remove unpleasant odors. Tea bags can be used to eliminate the unpleasant smell of hands after dealing with fish or garlic. You can also stick tea bags with lavender flavor or other herbal tea in the seat covers of your car.

For cleaning: Tea bags can also be used for cleaning dirt and grease on mirrors, windows, floors, kitchen counter tops and unpainted wooden furniture. If you are allergic to detergents or soaps, tea bags could be used for washing dishes. Remember that after cleaning, make sure to dry the surface, because tea is a good natural dye.

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