11 Early Warning Signs Of Parkinson’s Disease

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Like many age-related diseases, Parkinson’s disease develops slowly and subtly. This neurological disorder impacts 1 in 100 people over 60.

The average age of diagnosis is 62, but Parkinson’s can show up before 50!

Since the exact cause isn’t clear, there is no way to prevent it. The good news? Lifestyle changes and therapy can delay its progression. It depends on catching it early and looking for these 11 warning signs.

11 Warning Signs Of Parkinson’s

1. Tremors

Tremors that happen for no reason is one of the most common signs.

It’s usually seen in your extremities like the fingers, hands, or legs. Shaking can also happen in your lip or chin. If you have Parkinson’s, these tremors will pop up even when you aren’t moving. 

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