12 Brilliant Uses of Microwave You Didn’t Know Before

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Most of us use microwave to heat only food and water. Here are 12 more things you can do with your microwave other than cooking, from disinfecting sponges to inducing crunch in potato chips.

1. Decrystallizing Honey or Jam

Honey or Jam that has solidified inside the jar can be soften using a microwave. Uncover the jar, and microwave it on medium power for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will liquefy it and bring it back to a good consistency.

12 Brilliant Uses of Microwave You Didn’t Know Before

2. Disinfect Sponges

After a couple of uses, soft kitchen sponges get dirty & moldy. Simply put the dirty sponge into a microwave-safe bowl filled with water and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice and microwave the bowl at high power for around a minute. This will clean the sponge and disinfect it thoroughly. Be sure to do it safely, and never microwave a dry sponges or plastic scrubbers that contain steel or other metals.

3. Peeling Garlic

Peeling a clove of garlic can be tedious and time-consuming. Here’s a fast and easy way to do it. Simply microwave the garlic cloves on top of a kitchen tissue for around 10 seconds. The tissue will absorb the moisture and allow you to peel the garlic easily.

4. Chopping Onions

This is a simple trick for preventing watery eyes when chopping onions. Simply trim off the ends and microwave them on medium power for about 30 seconds. Microwaving the onion, takes the sting out of the onion juice.

5. Soften a Stale Bread

This is a simple and easy way to make stale bread soft again using a microwave. Take a piece of kitchen towel and dip it in water so it’s damp. Cover it around the loaf or slice of bread, and place it on microwavable plate. Microwave it up for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure as necessary until you find the bread properly hydrated.

6. Inducing Crunch in Potato Chips

For the potato chips that have lost their crunch, place them on a kitchen towel in the microwave and heat them for 30 seconds. The towel will absorb the moisture and the chips will regain their crunch.

7. Getting more juice from citrus fruits

A lemon or lime taken straight from the refrigerator is harder to juice than one left at room temperature or warmed slightly. To make it very juicy, microwave citrus fruits for 20 seconds before squeezing.

8. Warming Hair Oil

During winter the hair oil hardens inside the bottle, and it becomes difficult to remove oil. To liquefy the oil within the bottle, microwave the bottle for 20 seconds.

9. Save Envelope Stamp

You can remove a stamp from an envelope by putting a drop of water of it and then microwaving it for 10-15 seconds. The stamp gets peeled easily off the envelope.

10. Drying Herbs In The Microwave

Parsley and other herbs can be easily dried in a microwave. Microwave-dried herbs retain excellent color and potency. Place about one cup of herbs on a paper towel and microwave it on full power for 2-3 minutes. Your dried herbs are ready.

11. Make a Hot Compress

You can make a instant hot water compress by soaking a hand towel in water, and then microwave it for 1 minute. In no time, will you have a soothing hot compress.

12. Clean up the inside of your microwave

Place a microwave-safe bowl of water containing a bit of vinegar in the microwave for about 5 minutes. The inside of the microwave will get nice and steamy and all the food stains will come right off with a few good wipes.

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