3 face types – Small changes that reveal what is happening to your body

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The face is the first indication of changes that reveal what is going on in your body, but also can indicate the bad habits. If you’ve noticed that your skin is lifeless or that of your face appeared acne, it is time for a change. In addition, read about the 3 types of problematic faces that reveal certain health disorders.

  1. “Winter” face


Constantly tired

Facial skin looks saggy

Wake up pale and dark circles in the morning


Too little movement

Poor circulation, dry air

Lack of sleep


Perform detailed facial scrub twice a week that will remove dead skin cells. Use regular moisturizing cream.

When you apply the cream, put a thicker layer and gently massage your face with circular movements. Repeat the procedure on the neck, especially the section under the chin.

Eat foods that are rich in beta carotene and vitamin C.

  1. “Sweet” face


Wake up bloated

The pores of your skin are highlighted

Your skin looks lifeless

You have acne

Your face is constantly fatty


Drinking large amounts of alcohol

A diet rich in sugar and fat


Sugar is the worst enemy of your skin and therefore should be out of your diet or minimize.

From the daily menu, exclude alcoholic beverages (at least until you do not fix complexion).

Consume green tea that acts as a “cleaner” of the body of toxins, which in turn positively affect the look of your face.

  1. “Fat” face:


Face and eyes constantly look swollen

The part under the chin is swollen

Tight, reddish cheeks


Overeating that causes bloating

Drinking too little water

Fatty and sugary, unhealthy foods


Drink plenty of water, and you can add a few teaspoons of lemon or cucumber.

Avoid salty and fatty foods.

Consume cooked food that is easy to digest

Source: Cuisine & Health

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