3 Things You Need To Quit Doing If You Have Back Pain

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Back pain is the scourge of modern life. Millions of people suffer it every year, and pretty much everyone will experience it at some point or another. It can be hard to cure, but if you suffer back pain, stop doing these 3 things.

3 Things You Need To Quit Doing If You Have Back Pain

1. Don’t lift heavy weights.

If you lift weights for exercise, work, or any other reason, consider limiting yourself for a while. Don’t lift or carry anything heavier than five pounds for a week. Let your back relax and heal a bit.

2. Don’t avoid exercise.

Lifting should be off the table, but do exercise a bit. Go for long, brisk walks or even a light jog if you can tolerate it.

3. Work on better posture.

One major problem with back health is our posture. We slouch too much. If you sit at a desk for work, sit with both feet flat on the ground with your back straight. Your computer monitor shouldn’t be above your line of vision. You should be looking slightly down at your work.

Source: simpleorganiclife

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