4 Breathing exercises every pregnant woman should do

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  • You can perform these exercises anytime you want.
  • Don’t take sudden breaths with too much pressure.
  • Avoid holding your breath while pregnant.

Pregnancy demands extra care and special efforts to stay healthy. Apart from making lifestyle changes and developing healthy habits, every pregnant woman should also regularly perform some breathing exercises. Such exercises can improve oxygen intake, circulation and support the body’s normal functionings so as to provide better nutrition and oxygen to the baby.

Pranayama Yoga improves breathing
The benefits of these breathing exercises may increase if they are coupled with other regular physical exercises. Yoga can help a lot with breathing. You should also try these breathing exercises for improved circulation of oxygen and blood in the body.


Yoga has special place for pranayama, especially for improved breathing. It is an exercise that allows you to develop natural, controlled deep breathing pattern. We usually take shallow quick breaths which may not allow our body ample time to utilize all the oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxide. With pranayama, you focus on developing awareness of your breathing.

Pranayama can help you breathe well, with an equal balance of oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled and this can be very helpful for you and your child. Take deep breaths and exhale with the same pace. Doing so will help you maintain a perfect balance between oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled.

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