4 Foods to Promote Thyroid Health!

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In research shows that about 25 to 27.5 million American’s are suffering with thyroid problem, among them most of the people don’t know about this problem. Many of them don’t know if they have thyroid problem or not.

There are some foods that can improve the thyroid health. These are given below.

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Coconut oil & Coconut butter:

Coconut oil is such a food that can increases the production of thyroid hormone, coconut butter can quickly converted to energy which helps to boost up the thyroid function. It contains raw saturated fat that helps to improve thyroid health.

Iodine rich foods:

Iodine rich foods are the vital foods to improve thyroid health. This foods helps to produce thyroxin from thyroid glands, Thyroxin will help to maintain metabolism. Some iodine rich foods are sea vegetables, pineapples.

Copper & Iron rich foods:
These two foods play an vital role in thyroid. Copper and iron are called two powerhouses which can boost up the thyroid.

1. Iron rich foods: This is the vitamin C type’s foods such as tomato, potato, citrus and berries etc.

2. Copper rich foods: Copper rich foods are the sunflower seeds and cashew etc.

Essential fatty acids:

Essential omega-6 and omega-3 acid helps the thyroid to maintain metabolism. Omega fatty acids are available in leafy vegetables, walnut, pumpkin, and canola oil.

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