5 Beauty Uses for Lemons

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Lemon is the basic ingredient in our kitchen, used for various purposes like making refreshing drinks, flavoring food, adding taste and beauty to salads. But have you included these yellow juicy citrus fruits in your beauty regime yet??? If not waste no more time and try it out today only.

Here’s my favorite 5 beauty benefits of lemon which I use myself:

Beauty Benefits Hidden In Lemon

1. Nail Strengthener: Frequent hand wash and lack of moisturization leads to dry and brittle nails which often leaves us frustrated. Due to short nails we often think twice before applying our favorite nail paints but now here’s an easy rescue from this.

How to use: Cut a lemon in two and then insert your finger tips into the pulp so that all the nails are fully covered by the lemon. Use one half lemon for each hand. Keep it like this for 10 minutes and then remove.

2. Lip Care For Dark Lips: Lemon juice is acidic is nature and acts as a natural bleach, therefore it is commonly used as skin lightener and removes dark spots. But little do we know that it can also be used to lighten dark lips.

How to use: Apply fresh lemon juice on your lips and leave it, best would be to do it overnight to avoid eating it away. You can also add 1 drop of glycerin to it to moisturize the lips.

3. Blackhead Removal: Most common skin issue which we face after we cross 25 years of age, Blackheads. Well I think there is nothing as permanent when it comes to such issues, we just need to be regular with our beauty regime to keep them under control and keep the skin healthy.

How to use: Blackhead removal remedy which I had already shared before is take some lemon juice and add honey to it. Mix it and apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cool water.

4. Add Volume And Shine To Hair: Instead of using chemical conditioners I often prefer using lemon regularly as a after wash for hair. It adds volume and shine to my hair.

How to use: Squeeze half a lemon in 2 cups of water and then rinse your hair with this mixture as a final rinse once you have done shampoo. Do not wash with water after this. I have medium length hair and half lemon is sufficient for me, you can also use one full lemon for longer lengths.

5. Healthy And Beautiful Skin: Lemon has natural antioxidants and helps to fight free radicals and is a good anti-ageing solution. Therefore it keeps the body clean and helps in natural repair and keeps skin healthy and glowing by minimizing fine line, wrinkles, acne.

How to use: In a glass of luke warm water squeeze a lemon, sit back and enjoy it slowly smile emoticon. Be regular with this.

Source: RapidHomeRemedies

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