5 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running!

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Running is usually considerate as one of the most beneficial workouts. It can help you burn calories and get your heart pumping, still there are many other very effective exercises, which you can use in order to lose weight.

5 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running!

Another reason to choose an exercise rather than running, is that running could injured your knees. Running is high-impact exercise, due to the persistent strain that you put on the feet,knees, and thighs.

In order to find some other, better exercise, here is a selection of exercises that may be more effective than running, and will help you stay in shape and lose weight.

Indoor Rowing
It is an incredible workout that can help you burn calories. An average person could burn about 375 calories each 30 minutes while energetically rowing. The rowing relies on the muscles in the arms that will help tighten and tone the muscles in your shoulders and arms.

Jumping Rope
It is very amusing, medium-intensity exercise. If you could keep up around 100 skips in 1 minute, you could burn 13 calories every minute. The jumping rope employs way more muscles than running does, and gives you more systematic workout.

Battling Ropes
The battling ropes are a type of an exercise which provides greater calorie burn than the running. Some recent studies compared the battle rope exercise to the other workouts and determined that the battle ropes are the top workout for total oxygen consumption.

Cross-Country Skiing
It is another very popular workout, and it could be more effective than a running. In fact, you simply move at about the same speed as average runner, but you burn way more calories per one minute.

Jump Squats
Jump squats are very simple workout which burns a lot of calories. For only 20 seconds of hard work, you could burn 14 calories. This is a remarkable amount of weight loss for less than 1 minute.

The main thing to keep in mind, as you work out, is that you should include a variety of exercises. Work out various muscle groups and allow time for your muscles to recover.

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