5 Foods that Help You with the Flu

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Slight changes are constantly happening in the DNA structure of the cold and the flu. The antibodies created by the body while having cold or the flu fight the virus particles.

After creating such antibodies the body is becoming immune to that particular strain of the virus, but isn’t to future cold and flu viruses that have mutated.Getting a cold is no joke, but flu can leave you exhausted and put you in bed for weeks.Using of antibiotics will help you with a bacterial infection but not with a virus.

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However, you can speed up the healing process and fight back the virus with a healthy diet. Shown below are 5 foods that help you with the flu:

1. Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential when you have the fly. It keeps your body well hydrated and helps the elimination of waste matter and mucus. It is much better that you drink water unlike beverages or juices filled with caffeine which can even inhibit your body’s ability to fight the virus and have a diuretic effect.

2. Ice Pops

As beneficial water is, ice pops can also help you a bit when you fight the flu. They can have a soothing effect for your sore throat and ease the gagging effect that can occur from post nasal mucus drip.. Avoid ice pops with much sugar and prefer consuming the ones made out of 100 percent fruit juice.

3. Hot Tea

The green tea is rich with polyphenols that are known antioxidants and can boost the body’s immune system when it’s fighting the flu. Drinking of hot tea has a warming effect and is helpful with the chills and shivers happening during the illness. Another quite beneficial property of hot tea is that it can relieve congestion and thin out mucus secretions, especially the ones created in the sinus cavities. Commonly known and popular teas for this are green, black and herbal tea.

4. Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice unlike fruit juices is low in sugar and can also keep you well hydrated. It is a great way for you to fill your body with healthy antioxidants, boost your immune system when you are sick and don’t have much of an appetite.

5. Garlic

The garlic, although not quite tasteful is a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent filled with helpful antioxidants. While having the flu, it helps greatly in the fight with microbes and eases congestion pain.

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