5 Foot Exercises to Relieve Back, Hip, and Knee pain in 20 Minutes or Less

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Most people assume their back, hip and knee pain would be a result of an issue with those areas. However, studies have shown that working the muscles in your feet can actually relieve the pain in the back, hips and knees. Tight ligaments and blood restrictions in areas of the feet are a big factor in pain in other areas of the body. Releasing that tension helps almost immediately in most cases.
 5 Foot Exercises to Relieve Back, Hip, and Knee pain in 20 Minutes or Less

There are five exercises that can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes to help relieve on-going pain in the back, knees and hips. These exercises require little to no additional equipment and can be done on any surface.

Walking on Your Toes

Walking forward on your tiptoes for a few seconds, then relaxing to the pads of your feet and repeating can be a good way to relax the muscles elsewhere in the body

Ankle Circles

Blood restricted in the area of the ankles can cause pain in the other areas to compensate for that issue. In order to relieve that restriction, a few repetitions of rotating your ankles in first one direction and then the opposite direction can alleviate the pain and get the blood flowing better. It stretches out the ligaments to the back, hip and knee and improves mobility as well.

Toe Gripping Exercises

Use a small, smooth item, like a writing utensil. Set it on the floor and use your bare foot to grip the item with your toes and hold it above the floor for 10 seconds before returning it to the floor. Repeat a few times and you will begin to feel the effects. For the best results, it is best to be standing while executing this exercise.

Toe Presses

In a standing position with knees bent slightly, bend the toes to grip the floor underneath. Hold that for three seconds, then release. Continue this for a matter of minutes and you will begin to feel the relief in your back, hips and knees. This is because the body relaxes and pain is reduced.

Flex Small Muscles of Foot

This exercise requires a scarf or sash, some fabric that will give resistance. It also will require a piece of furniture to connect to, like a bedpost. Sitting flat on the floor, connect the scarf to the bedpost and around your foot, leaving slack. Lift your foot and pull against the scarf, so that the muscles in your foot are flexing. Hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat this exercise four or five times. Stretching those muscles in the foot will help relieve tension that is going to other parts of the body and may be a cause of the pain you suffer from.

Using these exercises, all of which can be completed in less than 20 minutes, can make a significant difference in your pain levels, especially if you are experiencing lingering pain in the back, hips and/or knees. Try these, each alone or a combination of two or three, to find relief from the pain today.

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