6 Brilliant Uses for Paper Towel Rolls / Cardboard Tubes

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Below are 6 brilliant ways to use empty cardboard tubes or paper towel rolls around the house.

1. Cord storage

paper roll cords
Cardboard tube is the perfect size for keeping extension cords or other cables from tangling. Simply wrap them up and put them inside a an empty tube, label them, and store them in a container or box.

2. Make a Smart Phone Speakers

phone speakers
Make your own portable smartphone speaker with a cardboard tube. Cut a slot in the cardboard tube to place your smartphone with the speakers inside. Now take the binder clip and position it near the center of the tube. Binder’s opening area (used for binding papers) should be facing away from the container. Tape the metallic clips to the tube so it stays upright when your phone is placed into it.

3. Vacuum cleaner extension

The hose attachments on vacuum cleaner won’t reach every possible spot due to their size or round shape. Simply slip a cardboard tube over the opening of your vacuum’s hose and bend it to clean tiny spaces like molding, window tracks, and any other tight spots.

4. Pencil organizer

paper roll pencil
Use empty cardboard tubes to keep your office supplies, pens, pencils and paint brushes. Cut the toilet paper roll into different random sizes. Make sure none is taller than the pencils or the pens.

5. Make boot trees

tubes boots
Use cardboard tubes to keep the tops of long, flexible boots from flopping over and developing creases. Simply cut a longer tube to the appropriate length and insert it into your shoes to help them hold their shape and prevent any creases.

6. Candle Storage

candles store
Candles can always get scratched or broken when you just leave them inside a drawer to roll around. Place the candles inside paper-towel tubes to keep them organized and intact.

Source: IFAI

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