6 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Low

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Feeling unhappy can make us indisposed towards work and also prevent us from doing things we love. If we do not distract ourselves, we may end up stressing our brain and body. Next time when you feel stressed-out, try these 6 easy hacks that can boost your mood and energy in no time:

Make water your BFF
Since time immemorial, water has been regarded as a powerful healing element. It’s invigorating properties can calm and refresh one’s spirit. To test this theory, take a nice shower or chug a glass of cold water with a dash of lemon juice when you feel. You will notice that your mind has calmed and your body has energized.

Go bananas
Bananas contain ingredients that are amazing mood boosters. The nutrients in this fruit can regulate the electrolyte imbalances and help the body bounce back from dehydration. It can also cure PMS symptoms and provide instant energy. Munch on a banana when you feel low next time.

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