7 Stretches In 7 Minutes To Eliminate Back Pain!

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One of the best things about treating lower back pain is that it actually doesn’t have to take long. These 7 powerful stretches can be performed in just 7 min and will help you to get on with your day. They are necessary to rehabilitate your spine and reduce the incidence of low back pain. Back exercise program should be combined of the following stretches:


Bound Ankle Pose

Put your feet together by sitting on the floor. Try to hold on the ankles. Hold the posture for half a minute, then take a break for 10 sec and hold for half a minute again.


Hamstring Floor Stretches

You should lay flat on the back on the floor for this exercise. Try to put your one leg up straight and then stretch out the hamstring. You will get the best results if you hold for half a minute and then do the same with the other leg.


Spinal Stretches

Cross one leg over the other and hold while you lying on the back. While crossing the leg over, keep your back straight on the floor.


Knee To Chest

Bring the knee to the chest while you lying flat on the back for half a minute and then repeat the stretch with your other leg.


Quadriceps Stretch

Pull your top leg up towards the back by lying down on the floor on one side. Try to hold this position for half a minute and do the same stretch on the other side.


Piriformis Stretch

Bring up one of your legs to a 90 degree angle by lying on your back. Cross it over the raised leg by bringing the other leg up. Try to hold the position for half a minute and finally switch your legs.



Bend down by putting one leg forward. Your back leg should be straight out behind you. Try to hold this position for half a minute and after that repeat the stretch on the other side.


Source: My Healthy Beby

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