7 ways husbands break their wives’ heart without saying a thing

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We do everything for our husbands. We cook for them, clean for them, have their babies, do their share of parenting. What do they do for us? Earn? Check. Take us out of weekends? Check. Not give us the attention we need? Check. Yep. That’s why we’d like you to show this article by Sebastian Harris, which appeared on Family Share to your husbands. Perhaps they’ll listen when a man speaks to them about it.

1. You check out other women

Your wife wants to be your queen. She wants you look at her and think “I married the most beautiful woman in the world”.

What do you communicate when you check out other women?

You basically say that you desire other women more than you desire her. Your wife wants to be desired, loved and appreciated. She wants to be your number one.

Think about how much you hurt her before you allow your eyes to wander.

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