8 Brilliant Uses for Drinking Straws You Didn’t Know Before

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There are so many things you can do with simple plastic drinking straws besides sipping down delicious drinks. Below are 8 brilliant ways to use a plastic drinking straw.

1. Keep Jewellery Chains Unknotted

necklaces tangle
Protect your necklaces from tangling up by simply using a straw. Simply unclasp the chain, thread it through a plastic drinking straw, close the chain clasp before putting it away. This will keep your chains tangle-free and ready to wear.

2. Pen/Pencil or Stylus Holder

straw holder
You can tape a straw to the side of a notebook, to always have a makeshift pencil or pen holder with you. You could also tape a straw to your tablet cover to hold a stylus.

3. Remove strawberry stems

straw berry
Gently insert a plastic straw into the bottom of a strawberry and push up, the stem and leaves will come off, leaving the strawberries looking nice and pretty.

4. Vacuum sealer

zip lock
Storing a food into a ziplock plastic bag is a good way to keep it fresh. But it’s important to remove any air trapped in the bag to prevent the food from going stale. To do this, insert a straw into the bag, seal the zipper around the straw. Now suck the air out of the bag through the straw before sealing the rest of the zipper.

5. Coffee Saver

coffee saver
If you’re walking or driving with full cup of coffee, then use a drinking straw to keep it from spilling. Simply fold a straw in half and stuff the folded end into the opening on the lid of the cup.

6. Make Jelly Worms

jello worms
Create edible jelly worms with a bundle of plastic straws. Just pour hot gelatin into straws, allow to cool, then squeeze out jelly worms.

7. Unclog ketchup stuck in the bottle

Simply insert a drinking straw into the bottle of ketchup until it reaches the bottom. This will break up the clogged ketchup and insert air, which will help to move the ketchup out of the bottle.

8. Wire organizers/markers

straw usesLabel your device wires with drinking straw and never accidentally unplug the wrong thing again. Cut a straw lengthwise, then cut into small segments, wrap these segments around wires and label them with marker. Use a few different colour straws to keep wires really organized.

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