A bus driver had noticed a child crying! Soon he found out the terrible truth… (VIDEO)

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A bus driver is being hailed a hero for recognizing a kidnapped child and helping police catch his alleged abductor.

Last weekend was reported missing year-old boy after he was kidnapped from a library near San Francisco.driver_wideShortly after the boy disappeared, driver Tim Watson, he saw a man in his bus who fit the description of the suspect holding the boy.

When he noticed that the boy was crying, Watson had to react quickly.

Thanks to his paternal instincts, the suspect was arrested, and Watson said: I only did what any parent would be if was in the situation.

Witnesses said that the boy was seen being led away by a man in his 20s who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and appeared to be homeless. Police sent out an alert and began a search – soon after, they received word from bus driver Tim Watson, who believed the suspect and the boy were on his bus headed to the Fremont train station.

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