A Polish Mother Made A Diet To Cure Her Kids Eczema And Make Her Family Healthier

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Ullenka tried various things including prescription steroids, but one day she noticed that the intensity of Maya’s eczema varied depending on whatever she ate, so she deiced to follow that avenue of thought and started off with a vegan diet. After switching to the raw plant diet, the eczema disappeared quickly.

Within a matter of 5 months, Maya’s eczema grew lesser and lesser and soon she didn’t have any scar to show that she once had eczema. She could see and feel her skin eczema for the very first time. Ullenka’s boys who had severe eczema from a young age, on their arms, legs, stomach, and back, did not have many flare-ups within a month after being on the diet.

From being riddled with eczema severely, Maya only has the occasional mild eczema attacks since she started this diet. 1

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