A Sweet for all occasion – Delicious Raj Bhog

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Sweets are the mandatory items to relish whether it is a small celebration or big victory. When talked about the sweets, West Bengal is the name that strikes mind. Undoubtedly, Bengali sweets are famous for their unique flavour. One of the popular sweets from the land of Benagl is Raj Bhog. As the name suggests, Raj Bhog offers a royal treat to your taste buds.

Made of chenna, sugar, milk, nuts and saffron, you would feel pleasure with every bite of this soft and amazing sweet. You can enjoy this sweet anytime without giving a second thought. Check out the recipe to make delicious Raj Bhog at home. 

For the rasgullas
250 gm chenna, few drops of saffron food colour, 1 tsp plain flour/maida (for dusting)

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