After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away These Bags Again!

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You must have had some of those little white silica gel bags that come in the box with your brand new heels, purses and handbags.

Basically, people think they are irritating and useless things which even contain toxins. But the truth is that they are not toxic at all. They contain silicon dioxide, a substance which can be used for various purposes in your everyday life. Silica gel can absorb and maintain vapor from the surrounding air due to the fact that it is desiccant.


Here is how you can use them:

  1. Save your old photos

No matter how much you struggle to save them, old photos normally become more and more damaged with time. But, if you put several silica gel bags in your photo box, you will do a lot to save your precious photos from the damages.

  1. Put them between towels

Remove the bad smell from your towels in the wardrobe and prevent them from getting damp. Just put several silica gel bags between them.

  1. Make your razors last longer

Avoid putting your razor on the wet places in your bath. You should keep it in a plastic container with several silica bags in order to save it for longer.

  1. Save your drowned phone

If you happen to drop you phone in water and make it all wet, you should immediately put it in a jar full of silica bags. It will soak the water much better than the rice would.

  1. No more foggy car windows

This is absolutely my favorite one! And it will probably be interesting for all the drivers reading this article. Foggy windows make me go crazy especially in these winter days. So, instead of turning the air-conditioning on and waiting for it to remove the fog, you can simply put some silica gel bags from the inside of your wind shield and let them do the job. You will see how quickly they can remove the fog from the windows.

  1. Put them in your gym bag

The basic role of these bags is to absorb the extra moisture and save your shoes. They can also remove the germs and the wetness of your shoes which offer the best conditions for bacteria to develop. Consequently, there appear the foul odor in your shoes which the silica gel bags are also able to remove.

  1. Save your make-up

In order to prevent the powdery make up from curdling, every woman has to have several bags of silica gel in her make-up purse.

These were the 7 interesting advices for the incredible use of the silica gel bags. We hope that after rearing this, you will never throw them again. In addition, you may have thought of another way of using this amazing supplement, and if yes, please share your experience and comment below.

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