After Reading This You’ll Never Use Swabs in the Ears  

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Many people clean their ears with ear swabs. These cotton swabs clean the buildup wax in the ear. Unfortunately, you must use them with caution, so you don’t hurt your ears.

According to recent studies, high percent of the people who clean their ears with swabs, suffer from damaged tympanic membrane. This happens when the swab is placed too deep in the ear, and it can also damage the ear. It will manifest as slight injury, resulting with tympanic membrane perforation. Ear swabs can even emerge facial paralysis or vertigo. In some cases, even surgery is required.

As we said many negative effects from using ear swabs, it’s time to tell you all precautions that you should keep in mind when you clean your ears with swabs.

– You must use ear swabs only to clean the area around the ear canal and the ear auricle.

– You should never push ear swab inside your ear canal, because it will push the wax deeper to the bottom instead of cleaning it. This can plug your ear and result with dizziness or hearing problems.

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