Away From This Oil – More Dangerous Than White Sugar!

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For those who fantasize or enjoy the joy of eating healthy food, soy is an active ingredient thereof. It can be used as a substitute for milk (soy milk), or can replace most proteins (tofu) and can be used as a substitute for the most common cooking oils (soybean oil).oilSoy seems to be the preferred alternative for most groceries thanks to advertising health benefits, but despite some claims for soy, in fact it can be very bad for us.

Away From This Oil - More Dangerous Than White Sugar!

Soybean oil, as other soy products, is obtained from soy beans. Many people consider soy as a super food for health and for soy products claim to have benefits that come from the natural power of soya. However, most manufacturers do not publish the whole truth and neglect to mention that soy is toxic in nature.

Soy requires very high processing to be able to eat, and even then it must undergo further processing to obtain the final product of it: steaks soy, peanuts soybean, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy cheese… even soy greaves!

With all that quantity of chemical engineering, anything can be converted in healthy food: poison ivy, poisonous mushrooms, and even the bark of trees can become food with a certain processing. Although none of these do not have popularity as soybeans.

This popularity of soy is actually a problem for those conscious of healthy eating and consume it. When consumed excessively, soy can lead to drastic problems over time.

Too much soy can cause the production of steroid hormones increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, can cause early puberty in girls and delayed physical growth in boys.

When reviewing alternative methods of nutrition should take into account the ingredients of the food you purchase, so regularly read the label.

Source: cuisineandhealth

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