Beat summer acne using simple tips

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During summers, most people experience sudden acne breakouts on their face, upper back and chin due to excessive sun exposure. Binge on fiber rich food and maintain a proper cleansing routine to keep acne away, says an expert.

Megha Shah, Cosmetologist at Beauty and Curves Clinic, Surat, has rolled out tips that can be incorporated in daily life routine to eliminate or avoid acne in the hot season:

* Say no to acnegenic foods: No matter how often you crave for those ice creams, chocolates, cakes, and pizzas if you want to take control over your acne say no to sugars and refined flour.

Certain sea-food and fatty food can also flare up acne.

* Avoid food that causes constipation: A fiber-rich diet including citrus fruits, melons, sprouts work wonders for your gut. A properly functioning excretory system prevents constipation and results in a clean, clear face.

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