BJP annihilates Congress – Harish Rawat in Uttarakhand

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Dehradun, March 11: The current trend clearly indicates that the Congress have been completely ousted by the Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttarakhand. Like Uttar Pradesh, the voters of the hill state in northern India voted massively for the saffron party.

According to current trend, the BJP is leading in 55 seats and the Congress in just 15 seats in the 70-member Uttarakhand Assembly. Thus it looks like the incumbent chief minister Harish Rawat has to tender his resignation by tonight. Even reports say Rawat himself is trailing with as many as 10,995 votes to BJP’s Yatishwaranand in Haridwar Rural constituency.

According to reports, BJP cadres have already started celebrating in the capital city Dehradun. In Uttarakhand, it has always been a neck to neck fight for the rivals–the BJP and the Congress. However, it looks like this time the BJP is way ahead than the Congress.

Source: dailyhunt

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