Blackhead Removal Using a Toothbrush

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Black heads are every ones worse nightmare, they are not so different from pimples it just black heads are a open pore. So it makes it easy for it to fill up with dirt and other things that makes them pop up like they do. So right now I will give a quick solution to this problem:

Blackhead Removal Using a Toothbrush

You will need a toothbrush (soak in warm water before use and rinse), just a little bit of tooth paste (doesn’t matter what brand) and keep a cup of boiled water next to you.

You don’t have to add much toothpaste to the brush.

Place the brush with the paste on it under warm water and begin to scrub the affected area (Don’t scrub to hard)

Place the brush in the cup of boiled water, rinse and repeat the progress.

After you are done wash your face with warm water and dry off. I would advise to not use the same toothbrush that you clean your teeth with or use for cleaning.

I hope this has helped.

Source: myhijab

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