Burn Fat Like Never Before With This Coconut Treat Recipe!

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Burn Fat Like Never Before With This Coconut Treat Recipe!

Coconut Cluster Recipe


– 2 cups of coconut oil

– 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

– 1 cup of chia seeds

Method of Preparation

Put all the ingredients in one medium bowl and mix well until you get homogenous mixture. Transfer the mixture by spoonfuls into baking cups or candy making molds. Put then in the fridge and let them stay for several hours.

Getting More Coconut in Your Diet

You will certainly enjoy this coconut cluster recipe, no matter whether you are coconut lover or not. For those who are loyal fans of coconut, apart from this delicious dessert, they can add coconut in they baked goods, breads, ice cream and cakes. Moreover, you can prepare an amazing coating for fried or baked meats by mixing coconut with bread crumbs. This can be an excellent innovation to your everyday recipes. Therefore, you should include coconut in your daily diet, starting today.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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