How the Cabbage Ankle Wrap – Reduces Swelling and Pain

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Ice was the number one method for reduction of swollen ankles and pain. However, there is another method you may want to try if the same things happen again. You should try the cabbage ankle wrap.

Cabbage is highly helpful and beneficial for your overall health as it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Cabbage is high in fiber, vitamin C, and K, having similar effects like taking multi-vitamin. Cabbage is highly useful for consumption, but it can help with healing, as well.

What are the benefits of cabbage?

  • Promotes good eye health;
  • Treats scurvy and provides pain relief;
  • Helps lose weight in a healthy way;
  • Reduces the risks of ulcer and cancer;
  • Protects the bones from weakening as well as osteoporosis;
  • Boosts mental function and concentration;
  • Relieves constipation and digestion;
  • Controls blood pressure.
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