Collector in MP issues notice for celebrating a – sanskari – Valentines Day

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People have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Valentines Day in India, since it’s marked with protest from the self proclaimed protectors of Indian culture, and while couples are beaten up in public places by the moral police, many even took to getting couples married where they were spotted on v-day.

This year a collector in Madhya Pradesh did something completely different and told young people how they should celebrate Valentines Day, because telling people what to wear and what to eat is too mainstream even for sanskari people.

The unnamed collector issued a notice asking young boys and girls to pay respects and express love to their parents, hence making Valentines Day into a “Matra Pitra Pujya Divas”.

¬†Although the idea of loving one’s parents is a noble one, but a notice that asked villages, towns and public institutions to organise functions for it seems too much. Twitterati too didn’t take this well and lashed out at the collector.
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