Delicious Rabdi Recipe For Durga Puja

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Navratri is a festival of decoration, lights, happiness, joy, and obviously, foods. And when you think of special foods during Navratri, sweets and desserts will take an important place. Are you fond of rabdi? Definitely, you are.

So far, you have bought it from sweet shops. But, have you ever tried to make it at home? Yes, you will say the process is too difficult, as you need to stay alert while boiling the milk.

However, today, you will get the simplest recipe of making rabdi, which will take much lesser time to prepare and taste even better than the one bought outside. After all, you mix your affection, love and care while preparing the dish, don’t you?

So, make this Navratri more colourful with this yummy recipe of rabdi. Have a look.

Serves – 4

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


• Full-fat Milk – 3 cups

• Condensed Milk – ½ cup

• Fresh Bread Crumbs – 1½ cup

• Sugar – 1 tbsp (optional)

• Green Cardamom Powder – ¼th tsp


1. Take a deep-bottomed pan and pour milk into it.Now, wait until the milk starts to boil.

2. To make fresh bread crumbs, you should take two slices of fresh white bread and cut the corners.

3. Now, grind the mixture in a grinder to make the crumb.

4. When milk starts boiling, add coarsely powdered bread into it. Stir the mixture with slow hand and care.

5. If you want to make it sweeter, this is the time to add sugar. Then, add condensed milk into the mixture.

6. Stir continuously, so that the mixture doesn’t get burnt from the bottom. Let the rabdi boil and you can stir it occasionally.

7. Take the malai from the sides of the pan and mix it again with the mixture.

8. When you see the rabdi getting thicker, add green cardamom powder.

9. Your rabdi is ready to be served.

10. Allow it to cool and serve it chilled.

Rabdi always tastes awesome when you serve it chilled. There are a few things you need to remember while making rabdi, have a look at them below.


• You should use a big vessel for making it, as the process will be done faster.

• Always use full-fat milk. There is no substitute of making better rabdi than this.

• Take fresh bread crumbs, as anything other than that can tear the milk.

Source: dailyhunt

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