Did You Know That Shower Habits Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality?

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These habits are actually mirror (reflect) of you personality.

Tooth brusher

These people can definitely handle multitasking and your time is your everything.

Did You Know That Shower Habits Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality

The quicker

You do not waste your time, you are adventurous person and love extreme sports.

The shower thinker

These people are really arrogant and very clever and smart at the same time.


You are charming person with great sense of humor. You are very interesting, nature friendly, fun loving and confident.

Get inside the bath before they set up the temperature of the water


You are risk taker and you like to work under pressure.

Frozen shower taker

These people usually suffer from low self esteem, feel lonely and are so adorable and warm people.

Long bath taker

You are usually stressed by the daily schedule and you really enjoy your life because you are so cool and relaxed person.

Shower dreamer

You love to travel, you are artistic, nature lover and usually suffer from ADHD (attention deficit disorder).

Loofa user

These people have high level of awareness with high self esteem and are very clean people.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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