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The most common New Year resolution is to start exercising! And did you know that it’s the most broken resolution too! Ever wondered why? Everyone knows it important, but for a lot of people exercise does take a backseat in daily routine. Why?

Well, the answer lies with the mind! The mind loves to laze and who wants to work out. Most of the excuses it generally whips up – I am thin, don’t need it! Or tomorrow for sure! With too many commitments so no time, weather, boredom or fatigue completing the list.

The best way to get out of this circle of excuses, is to educate the mind on the importance of exercise, trick it and get going.

And the magic mantra is that in a few days, the mind loves to exercise and you win the battle!

Read on for 10 tips and tricks to slip in exercise into your daily routine!

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