Do This At Least Once A Week To Get A Perfectly Perky Breasts

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Do This At Least Once A Week To Get A Perfectly Perky BreastsEvery woman wishes to have perfectly shaped breasts, but not all women have that blessing. The sagging breasts are a normal process that happens with age because the skin loses its elasticity. Other factors that can affect the shape of the breasts are pregnancy, overweight, smoking etc.

There are many easy and simple home remedies for saggy breasts, but here are some of the most effective:

1. Exercise

Exercise always gives the best results for any part of the body as well as for the breasts. It will help you repair connective tissue and muscles around the breasts. Some of the most effective exercises are:

  • Chest Press. For this exercise you only need two dumbbells and nothing more. Lie flat on your back and take a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms up and hold them like that for 10 seconds. By doing this exercise, you will add firmness to your breasts.
  • Arm raise. In order to activate your chest muscles simply do an arm raise exercise. Place your feet apart and reach straight up.
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