Do You Ever Wake Up At Night And Can’t Move? THIS Is What It Means – TERRIFYING!

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Have you ever woken up suddenly in the middle of the night feeling completely paralyzed?

If you’ve ever experienced this, you will know that awkward and completely petrifying feeling of being unable to move or talk regardless of how much you are trying to. When you come to yourself later, this feeling leaves you wondering about what on earth happened.

This condition is referred to as sleep paralysis and is really petrifying. Some people even feel as if someone is pressing against them, or lurking just above you.

Do You Ever Wake Up At Night And Can’t Move THIS Is What It Means - TERRIFYING!

There are several explanations to this phenomenon – one says that it all comes down to brain activity, while another says it’s a demonic possession that temporarily takes over your body. In some cases, there’s a loud crash or explosion immediately before your body becomes paralyzed. This makes the entire experience even more horrifying.

This is the result of the fact that your mind is awaken in those moments, while your body still remains in sleep mode. The whole experience can last several seconds to several minutes at most. Fortunately, sleep paralysis is not as serious as it appears to be and it’s commonly triggered by insufficient sleep or sleeping on your back.

The video below thoroughly explains this phenomenon:

Source: Healthy Tips World

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