Do You Know Why It Is Good To Sleep of The Left Side? Here Is The Reason

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Sleeping is a necessity that all people do during their life, because it is really important that the body rests, so it could keep on giving the maximum of its energy. People who sleep less are usually tired and in a bad mood.1

Some Buddhist writings include that the monks used to sleep on their left side. Although it sounds a little bit strange, sleeping on the left side has many benefits for the health. The lymph drains towards the left side. The left side of the body is the domineering side in the lymphatic system. Most of the lymph drains towards the thoracic pipeline that is located on the left side. In his way the lymph transports proteins, metabolites, glucose and waste materials that are purified by the lymphatic nodules and head to be drained towards the left side.

Indians suggest that if you take a rest after eating, you should do it on your left side. The rest must not exceed 10 minutes and it is different from the nap that is usually 20 minutes or more.


The stomach and the pancreas hang towards the left side. When you have a short rest on your left side, they both hang naturally allowing an ideal and efficient digestion. The meal is impelled to move in a natural way across the stomach and the pancreatic enzymes are secreted in a gradual way, which happens if you have a short rest on the right side. After the liver and the vesicle have a short rest of the left side they hang from right side. To rest from the left side allows them to hang and to secrete their enzymes towards the digestive tract, emulsifying the fats and neutralizing the stomach acids.

Try to eat in a relaxing way through the day and don’t forget to rest on your left side. You will feel more energetic and with a better digestion. The magic of sleeping on the left side allows a better elimination of toxins. The small intestine throws out toxins across the ileocecal valve on the right side of the body to the beginning of the large intestine. The large intestine travels round the right side of your body, crosses your belly and descends from the left side. Sleeping on the left side allows the gravity to stimulate the corporal toxins towards the large intestine from the small intestine in the simplest way possible. The toxins move very easily towards the descending colon and the morning elimination will be simplified.

  • Better cardiac function.

More than 80 % of the heart is on the left side of the body. If you sleep on the left side, the lymph drained towards the heart will be impelled by the gravity removing work to your heart while you sleep. The aorta that is the biggest artery of the body goes out of the high part of the heart and arches towards the left side before going down towards the abdomen. When you sleep on the left side, the heart pumps the blood more easily towards the descending aorta.

Sleeping on the left side allows the intestines to remove from the vein wine-cellar that takes the blood back to the heart. When you have a short rest on the left side, the gravity does the work for the heart. The spleen is on the left side. The spleen is a part of the lymphatic system and is also on the left side of the body. Its function is that of a big lymph node that filtrates the lymph and additionally filtrates the blood

Source: healthylivinghouse

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