Does Yoga Help To Improve Digestion

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Yoga helps to improve overall health and well-being but, are there any specific benefits to the digestive system? Read on to know more on that.

Digestion is regarded as the keystone to good health. Unfortunately, due to our busy modern day life, we probably don’t consider or consider it last! We think digestion is mainly related to what I am eating, however, there are many other factors that are more important than what actually goes in your mouth.

We may experience indigestion, bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and other milder or more severe digestive ailments. And it’s no fun for sure to go through any of these ailments.

We know that Yoga helps in improving physical health, in maintaining emotional balance, in increasing breathing capacity, but many times we are not aware of the wonderful effects Yoga has on digestion.

The nervous system is closely connected to our digestive system. When we slow down to eat, the parasympathetic nervous system can kick in to start its work of absorbing the vital nutrients from your food. Knowing this effect, we can now influence digestion in several different ways.

How Asanas And Kriyas Affect Your Digestion

When the digestive system organs are compressed in the various asanas, waste-bearing fluids and toxins start getting freed up from the tissues. Then the body slowly starts to eliminate them. Also, new life giving nutrients are able to circulate into the cells. Thus, in this way, yoga poses massage the vital organs associated with the digestive system and stimulate the digestive muscles.

The pranayama techniques help to send oxygen to the body cells and help it to absorb nutrients and excrete waste products thoroughly.

Below are Yoga asanas and kriyas that you can follow daily to help your digestion.

  1. Trikonasana
  2. Majriasana
  3. Adho-Mukha Svanasana
  4. Paschimottanasana
  5. Ardh- Matsyendrasana
  6. Ushtrasana
  7. Pavanmuktasana
  8. Supt- Matsyendrasana
  9. Shalabhasana
  10. Pranayama – deep breathing
  11. Agnisar
  12. Nauli Kriya
  13. Savasana

Mindful Eating Is The Key To Good Digestion

Besides the above asanas, pranayamas, and kriyas, it is very important to eat mindfully. Eating while talking, socializing, or engrossed in electronic gadgets will be a cause of distraction to the process of digestion and the ability to absorb the nutrients in our food. It is very important to be relaxed while eating. The moment you are relaxed, you become aware of what you are eating, how much and how fast or slow you should eat.

Half of the problems will go away only if this is followed! Chew each and every morsel to help the body start secreting vital enzymes to assist in the processing of food. Try to notice the smell, texture and taste of food and be immersed in the process of experiencing the meal.

An attitude of gratitude and thankfulness towards the food also helps in good digestion. Being happy and content that you have food to fill your stomach helps it to get digested and assimilated better and quicker! We also need to remember that just a piecemeal approach will not work.

Continue The Good Work For Long Term Benefits

Yoga is a way of life, so changes need to be made not only at the physical level, but also mentally and emotionally if we really want to see an effect on the digestive capacity.

In a nutshell, we can say that as Yoga pairs exercises with breathing, it helps to cleanse the body of toxic materials formed due to stress, wrong diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. By improving our digestive system, we will be blessed with a supple body, which remains alert and active, with an improved appetite and increased strength. A healthy digestive system also means better capability to cope with fatigue

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