Why we Don’t Lose Weight Although we Exercise?

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Surely a few times you have started with running and training, and soon gave up, seeing that number on your balance has not changed even after a few weeks, but there are quite legitimate reason. As our everyday life is unthinkable without brushing our teeth and taking a shower, and exercise needs to become part of our mental and physical hygiene. Although you practice only 15 minutes a day.

All goes in gym and practice exercises for the sake of looks, but those who persevere in it discover a whole new world, without which their life becomes unthinkable. For example, women who regularly attend dance classes primarily enjoying in it, and by the way they are losing excess weight. Motivation is crucial in this part.

Studies of American motivational psychologists show that most women decide to exercise for the wrong reasons. Those that do only in order to lose weight, quit as soon as they realize they are losing weight too slowly.

If we experience the training as a kind of punishment because we have gained weight, it is logical approach to fitness with so many disadvantages, such kind of “modern corset”.

According to some nutritionists the point of the exercise is changing the whole mindset. People are generally uninformed, or weight loss starts at the table. In the process of weight loss as much as 70% depends on proper nutrition, and only 30% of physical activity.

Women are considered to be on a diet if they do not eat carbs, but actually starving. The true meaning of the  of the word diet means a choice of what we should eat. Obese people who think that will lose weight only with exercise without regulation menus, have unrealistic expectations. When you’re starting with doing exercises, introduce a change step by step, not all at once. Do not despair if your scale shows no change in your weight. It just means that the muscles become more vascular and their volume is increased

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