7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation

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Our food consumption greatly affects our health. There have been studies showing a link between inflammation and chronic diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes, hypertension and even Alzheimer’s. Anti-inflammatory diets are becoming more popular; suggesting that intake of acidic foods should be reduced.

Inflammation becomes harmful if it is constant or longer in duration. It is actually the body’s natural response to protect itself from harmful organisms. We need it to heal wounds faster and without it, infections would not heal. If it turns chronic, our body becomes open to various health problems.

Chronic inflammation is a contributing factor to a number of cardiovascular, neurological, muscular and metabolic disorders. Experts reported that one of the main causes of chronic inflammation is unhealthy diet. A diet that is high in refined sugars and processed foods create an acidic environment in the body.

An anti-inflammatory diet leads to a healthy body, which is slightly alkaline. The good news is that choosing a healthier diet can help prevent inflammation. It is best to stick to healthier options such as baked or steamed instead of fried, natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars, whole grains instead of refined ones, fish instead of red and processed meat and better dairy choices. There are also healthier choices for drinks that are known to fight inflammation.

The following are suggested drinks that you can easily buy at your favorite stores. Instead of picking drinks that are high in sugar and fat, why not go for the better choices? Use this infographic to know which should be on top of your list.


Source: dietoflife

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