Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

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Great Pink Push has been unleashed and the breast cancer awareness is on the go! The cancer industry urges the women all around the world to get mammogram screenings and beg for money donations for breast cancer researches. However, these are a little practical tools and tips for prevention that all the women can use so you can be able to avoid breast cancer.

Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Signs Of Breast Cancer

In order to share more information about the breast cancer, here in this article we offer you the most significant list of an early warning breast cancer signs, and most of these you probably haven’t seen or heard in the media.

Do Not Just Look For Lumps!

The doctors ask women to identify if they feel any lumps in their breast and that is the most common method used in the conventional medicine. Doctors use mammogram x-rays for that sake. This method offers physicians a simple roadmap to observe the breast tissue and therefore, to find if there are any masses, lumps or some other abnormalities that could point to this disease.

Mammograms send ionizing radiation into the breast tissue, so they could be potential reason for cancer, but doctors usually “forget” to mention that. Also, the mammograms are not always 100 % accurate and they cannot differentiate between the masses and lumps in the breast tissue, are they malignant or benign. Additionally, there are so many cases when all of this led to false diagnoses and treatments with radiation and chemotherapy.

Thermography is much better option if you choose to go through a cancer screenings. This way doctors are not just looking for unusual growths or lumps, but they can also identify if angiogenesis is taking place inside the breast tissue. Today, thermography is the most accurate and strong indicator for breast cancer.

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