Every Woman Needs To Know About This Natural Remedy – Confessions Of A Woman Who Solved A Big Problem!

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Garlic is an excellent natural remedy that helps in treating yeast infections – bakers know that they should not add it to garlic bread while the dough is rising, because it will kill the yeast and ruin the bread. That is why garlic is being added to the dough right before baking, when the yeast has already completed its function.

Besides for killing the yeast in dough, garlic is also used for treating yeast infections. Numerous women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections face the difficulty of fighting them. These infections cannot be noticed early and thus are difficult to treat later. A yeast infection starts with a simple itch, and then, two or three days later, the vaginal discharge gets lumpy, which is a clear sign of a full-blown vaginal yeast infection.

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