Figs In The Fight Against Osteoporosis!

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Do you belong to the type of people who avoid the consumption of figs because they’re fattening, very sweet and quickly provoke the feeling of satiety?

It’s important to know that this seasonal fruit basically hides numerous beneficial characteristics that we weren’t aware of and what’s more, it’s an ingredient which is highly recommended by nutritionists.

For example, did you know that figs are ideal for the treatment of osteoporosis? The following text will give you more information.


Figs – nutritional value

This sweet and juicy fruit is available in the middle of summer and the beginning of autumn. Many of us prepare different tasty cookies and sweets with figs and of course, the inevitable fig “slatko” – a traditional ceremonial offering to guests.

Endocrinology experts and nutritionists rom the whole world recommend the consumption of figs and avoid that we shouldn’t avoid them. Do you want to know why? Because of these facts:

– Figs contain a great quantity of water, between 70-80%. They also contain a small percentage of saccharose, glucose and fructose (12%).

– As for the vitamins and minerals, figs contain the following: iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, flavonoids, vitamin E, vitamin B complex and vitamins C and A.

– Figs also contain a high percentage of fibers.

Figs – energetic value

Many people are very interested in the energetic value of figs. Are you becoming fatter and fatter if you consume figs? Of course not, if you try and eat about 3-4 figs a day during the season.

– But, figs contain about 65 Kcal on 100 grams. That’s not much, but if you suffer from diabetes and want to hold on to the right way of nutrition, then figs aren’t truly recommended for you.

– As endocrinologists say, dry figs have even 3 times higher energetic value compared to fresh figs. In this case, 100 grams of dry figs contain about 272 Kcal.

– Dry figs contain a greater quantity of potassium (850 mg on 100 grams), magnesium and more fibers. With the process of drying, the important properties of figs become bigger, but also the level of sugar becomes bigger.

– The consumption of figs is recommended to people who are recovering from an illness or surgery and also to weak and anemic people.

Figs – natural laxative and diuretic

It’s very healthy to start your day with a breakfast where you’ll include 2-3 figs with a cup of yoghurt. Thanks to their tiny seeds, figs have a beneficial effect on the work of your intestines and improve the adequate discharge of intestines.

It’s also familiar that figs have a healing property, so if you’re having a kind of intestinal inflammation or stomach inflammation, figs will help you as a natural remedy to alleviate smaller infections.

Figs – Ideal for osteoporosis!

Figs are one of the fruitswith the highest quantity of calcium and folic acid, so they’re ideal for bone strengthening.

Women precisely are the ones who have problems caused by the lack of calcium and folic acid in their organism, whether it’s caused by hereditary factors, malnutrition or hormonal changes in the menopause.

The best advice that someone could give you is to use the season of figs. It’s also important to know the following:

– Fresh figs contain a small quantity of calcium than dry figs because of the presence of water.

– Dry figs have a greater energetic value and they also contain a greater quantity of folic acid, calcium and magnesium.

Fig beverage for osteoporosis

We’re now offering you this simple recipe in order for you to use the healing properties of figs during their season.


4 figs (fresh or dry, as you like)

200 ml of oat milk (you can buy it in healthy food stores) or 200 ml of semi-skimmed cow milk

300 ml of yoghurt

1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


This recipe gives you the possibility to choose whether you’re going to use fresh or dry figs. The rest of the ingredients serve for the beverage to be homogenous and less sweet.

Dry figs will help you intake more calcium, but the beverage won’t be that liquid and the fruit will remain in small pieces.

The preparation is simple. What you need to do is put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them until all of them join together.

You can drink this beverage twice a week with your breakfast. It’s very nutritional and caloric at the same time, but it supplies us with an intake of very important and healthy matters.

Why don’t you try it?

Source: Healthy Body And Tips

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