Girls Be Very Careful – You May Lose Memory – Hair – Nails Using –

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The article features the sad story of a young woman who almost lost her life due to serious bacterial infection. She’d only made a careless mistake, something which all women can do. Read on and find out how a thoughtless error can cost you a life.

Everything started when she fainted in her bathroom one day. Before that, her health had worsened and she has experienced excessive hair loss. She also lost a couple of nails.When she reached the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with a toxic shock due to an unusual bacterial infection caused by tampons.

As her health deteriorated rapidly, doctors had no other option, but to put her in an induced coma. This was the only way she could survive the treatment. 8 days she was brought back, but she couldn’t remember anything. In fact, she couldn’t even recognize her daughters.

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