Helth benefits of Ampalaya

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Ampalaya is also known as Bitter Melon. There are 2 types of it. The long pale one and the small

dark green one. Depending on their ripeness the seeds of ampalaya can be either red or white.

Ampalaya is used a lot in Asian and South American cousine for its health benefits.

Here we present you some of the principal helth benefits of Ampalaya

1. Disinfectant­ You can use it to disinfect some smaller wounds, burns or cuts. It is known for its

antibiotic propeties as well and it is used to treat bacteria.

2. Eye problems­Ampalaya contains beta­carotene and it is good for eye helth.

3. Weight lost­Obesity can result with health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes,

cholesterol or cardiovascular diseases. Ampalaya blocks the creation of fat cells and helps you

keep fit.

4. Relieves your cold­Ampalaya has antiinflammatory properties. It can be used to treat

congestion anad mucus accumulation.

5. Headache­ You can use Ampalaya in order to relax the muscles around the brain, which

provoke the headache. It will help you get rid of stress and anxiety as well.

6. Liver protection­Ampalaya can be used to regenerate the tissue of the liver and the spleen that

have been damaged by alcohol or some other toxins.

7. Lowers blood pressure­ It relaxes the vascular system and lowers the blood pressure, which

decreases the possibility of a heart attack.

8. Immunity booster­Removes free radical in our body and protects it from infections.

9. Lowers the level of blood sugar­ Ampalaya has always been used to treat diabetes and other

diseases caused by high levels of blood sugar.

10. Psoriasis­ I f you suffer from Psoriasis you must drink Ampalaya juice. You will notice the improvement right away.

Source: My Natural Way of Life

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