Here Are 20 Pounds of Toxins and Waste in Your Gut. This Powerful Method Will Give You a Total Bowel Cleanse!

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80% of the immunity depends on colon cleansing and proper digestion which is extremely important to maintain healthy body.

Food is broken down in the gut once ingested and then passing through your intestines in a process of digestion. Nutrients from the food are absorbing through the intestinal walls during this process and what is left is toxins and waste that actually travels to the rectum and colon to be eliminated. Fecal impaction of the colon is when we have waste buildup in the colon.


This situation worsens the excretion from the body and makes you feel immobile and dry. The most important thing is that these feces are blocking the passage of new waste which is waiting to be eliminated from the body. Waste and toxins buildup in the body can really harm your health. This usually leads to diabetes, liver and kidney disease and misbalanced metabolism.

There are several laxatives and colon cleansing methods, herbal or enemas remedies, as well as aggressive ones like colonic hydrotherapy and irrigation. However, all nutritionists and doctors recommend the following safe and completely natural colon cleansing method.


Depend on your weight and your diet, the intestines hold up to 25 pounds of toxins and waste. It is mainly true for Standard American Nutrition because it is actually based on processed and fast foods.

Nutritionists highly recommend intake of 1-3 tbsp of flaxseed a day, 20 days in a row, in order to completely cleanse your bowels of waste. This will improve your overall digestive function and restore your gut flora.

How to implement flaxseed into your nutrition?

This powerful treatment is actually divided in three consecutive weeks.

First Week

Consume a mixture between 100ml kefir and 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed every of the first week instead of breakfast.

Second Week

Consume a mix of 100ml kefir and 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed every day of the second week.

Third Week

Consume a mix of 100ml kefir and 3 tbsp of ground flaxseed every single day of the third week.

It is important to consume the mixture fresh and never make it in advance.

For getting the best results, consume 2l water per day.

Repeat this extremely powerful procedure once a year.

Source: Healthy Food Team

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