Here Are 4 Big Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight!

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Losing fat and getting fit can feel frustrating especially when you are expending the energy and not seeing results. Other factors could be at play here and it will be necessary to dig deeper than just taking walks and eating baby carrots to get to the bottom of the problem. Are you in a high stress job or experiencing chronic stress from unfortunate life circumstances? Is your body just not feeling right, lethargic with tendency to illness? What’s going on with your social life and alcohol intake? Could it be possible you are still not eating right for fat loss? Looking at the not so obvious reasons fat has the upper hand will be necessary in order to start the shedding process.

Stress Plays a Large Role in Not Losing Fat

We all have stress in life but it can become a chronic problem negatively affecting our thoughts, behaviors, and overall health. “Experts now believe that the problem for many of us is being in a constant state of stress. Exposure to cortisol over the long term can lead to weight gain, as your appetite and insulin levels are continuously increased.” Read more about how stress may be playing a large role in our bodies holding onto fat especially around the abdomen.

Gut Bacteria Can Influence Being Fat

The answer to not losing fat may be the bacteria living in your gut. We all have good and bad gut bacteria but when the scale swings more to the “bad” side, it can influence fat formation. It is suggested our metabolism is altered by the bad bacteria preferring to convert the food we eat to stored fat. Simple math dictates more bad bacteria, more fat. Read more about gut bacteria and strategies to promote good bacteria growth for fat loss.

Drinking too much Alcohol Equals Increased Fat

Happy hour doesn’t sound so good when it is keeping you from losing fat. The issue with alcohol is not being able to stop at one and the empty calories do nothing but add inches to your waistline. Studies have shown alcohol to suppress fat burning and interfere with normal metabolic processes. This may be disappointing news but don’t let your feelings stop you from being informed about this very important topic.

Still Not Eating Right but Think You Are for Fat Loss?

You have been going along eating what you think is a healthy food plan and not seeing results in fat loss. What the heck is going on? Several things could be happening and taking an honest look into your food intake will be necessary. The possibility of not eating enough could be placing your body in starvation mode and reserving fat stores, or eating too large of portions and calories contributing to weight gain. Are you falling for processed foods labeled fat free and sugar free thinking you have hit the motherlode for fat loss? Have you eliminated essential nutrients from your diet? Read more about eating right for fat loss and evaluate if you are in fact, doing it right.

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