Here Is How The Spine Is Connected With All Organs!

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The pain in totally different parts of the body are often caused by spine problems so we do not have a choice and start to treat other diseases.

That is the main reason that we should keep our spines healthy.

You can always determine from which part of your spine comes the pain if you carefully study the picture below. It will help you to identify the anomalies and specify the problem with certain organ. The picture will also show you the connection between the spine and the organs.

About 70 % of the headaches are coming directly from the spine, so that’s another great reason to pay special attention to it.

Here Is How The Spine Is Connected With All Organs!

Dysfunction intervertebral disc door can be the source for difficulties swallowing the food, ringing in the ears and vision problems

Whenever you have hand pain and numb hands you should carefully check neck part of the spine.

Heart pain, intestine and stomach ache are often caused by problems with the chest part of your spine.

Hip pain, lower back and thigh pain can be caused by the lumbar part of your spine.

Treating and strengthening the spine will get rid of annoying problems from other organs in your body.

Source: losingweightdone

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