Here’s How You Can Change Your Body And Control Your Health Using Only Your Thoughts

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It sounds amazing and impossible that you can master your health by just thinking in a certain way. Many people don’t believe that this is possible, but there are some evidences that prove these claims.

Dr. Bruce Lipton who is famous around the world as expert on cellular biology has been giving speeches on this topics in the last years. He talked about the biology of belief. He claims that our thoughts and beliefs have direct role in our biology and in our cells.

Here’s How You Can Change Your Body And Control Your Health Using Only Your Thoughts

Do you know that we control our hormones every day but we are not aware of that? Stressful situations increase the release of adrenalin in our bodies but we can deal with that by taking deep breaths. This is only one of the examples of the ways in which we can control our bodies. It demonstrates how we can control the stimulation of hormones, but can we actually control every other part of our bodies?


There are trillions cells in our bodies. There are unseen forces that bind our cells together, a sort of energy if you will, and our thoughts often impact our energy force.Have you ever experienced a situation in which during some heated argument your whole body feels energized? So that is.

What is the way in which we can make our thoughts do what we want with our bodies?

You should know that our brain doesn’t make distinction between imagined and real events. If you imagine that you are in middle of a fight your brain will act in the same way as if you are really getting into a fight. The same thing will happen if you imagine that you are doing something pleasant.

You can think about something repeatedly or you can write it on paper in order to form a belief that can impact how chemicals and hormones are released into the body. For example you can say 100 times a day, “Every day I go to the gym, I am so happy.”


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