Home Remedies for Toothache Pain that You Thought Wouldn’t Work

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Parents must be informed about home remedies for toothache pain. They can become handy when you and your children least expected it. So feel free to continue reading below and do them whenever necessary.

From cavities to gum disease, toothache can be really uncomfortable. No one, especially children, won’t like to have it. It affects your eating and some other normal habits.

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While a dentist is the right person to go to, some circumstances may leave you no choice and just require your instincts. That said, follow the tips below regarding tooth ache home remedies.

1. Gargle with Salt Water

Salt dissolved in warm water doesn’t only help remove bad bacteria but also relieve toothache. Instead of the usual mouthwash, try this natural solution. It’s also the easiest to treat your kid’s toothache pain.

2. Make Ice a Candy

For some toothache home remedies for children, try ice cubes! Give your child one cube that he or she can eat like candy. The coldness helps in alleviating numb nerves that’s causing toothache.

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3. Swish with Peppermint Tea

You can also find soothing effect through peppermint tea. It’s one of the surprising tooth ache home remedies for sure. But gargling with warm tea helps reduce pain. It can be a really good temporary relief.

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4. Dab Some Clove Oil

One of the easy and cheap home remedies for toothache pain is to apply clove oil. Perhaps, you have a bottle of this. Just grab some, pour drops on your finger (make sure it’s clean), and place around the affected tooth. It works because of its anesthetic properties that relive pain and numb nerves.

5. Make a Ginger-Cayenne Paste

Another DIY solution against toothache is a paste of ginger cayenne. Dissolve some amount of each ingredient with a teaspoon of water and mix until become paste. Use that as pain reliever of any tooth that is aching.

Brushing your teeth with the right tool and gargling at least two times a day are the common ways to prevent toothache. But if this happens, you can count on the home remedies for toothache pain mentioned above. These also work in children, who most likely suffer from toothache.

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