How Breast Milk Changes With Time

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The most nutritious food that a new born baby can get is the mother’s milk. That is why even health experts recommend breast feeding.

In fact, feeding helps both the baby and the mother in many ways. The mother’s body ensures that all the necessary nutrients and immunity strengthening compounds are present in the milk. Therefore, the baby needs to be offered mother’s milk in the first few stages of growth.

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In various stages of the first year, milk supply and its composition undergoes certain changes to support healthy growth in the baby. Here are those changes…

During the first few days after delivery, breast milk is produced in small quantities. But it is very nutritious. It contains colostrum. It is yellow in colour.

After 2-3 days of birth, comes mature milk. Also, the consistency tends to change from being dilute to much thicker as the feeding stages advance.

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