How Long Does It Take To Digest Food?

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It gets digested, yes I know that, but what I meant was like how long does it take to digest food?

How much time is required?

How Long Does It Take To Digest Food

Does your stomach select a few foods that you have eaten and be like; wow this looks good I’m so going to digest this first! All those burgers, cheesy pizzas, lava cakes and the rest of amazingly mouth watering food you have eaten, have you just wondered how long will it take your body to digest it all? I mean it takes us just a few minutes to finish a whole pizza alone, and yes there is no need to deny it, so does our body also require a few minutes too?

Well surprisingly that’s not the case our body actually requires a lot more time! So how long does it take to digest food that we consume? Well it so happens that our body requires about almost six to seven hours to digest the food we eat. Yikes!

Different bodies, different digestion time!

Also it depends on your gender to see how long does it take to digest food! Women require more time to digest the food that they have eaten as compared to men, almost fourteen hours more to be exact! However the time required for the digestion process is normally varies for different individuals. Some children happen to have a greater digestion time whereas many have a slow digestion process which means that they require more time.

Digestion- a simple task!

So the food you eat simply just passes through your stomach and then through the small intestine. And then your small intestine passes it along to the large intestine, oh how they look after each other! The large intestine then further digests the food, absorbs all the water and then disposes the undigested food, that’s it!

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