How Red Sandalwood Powder Can Brighten Your Skin

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Having beautiful skin is every woman’s dream; but with today’s polluted environment, humidity and scorching heat, it can be difficult to retain the natural glow. The environmental factors only wipe off the natural glow from the skin and only attract infections.

It is usually summers that take a toll on the skin by making it lifeless, dull and prone to acne and pigmentation. Some of the common skin problems during summer are acne, sunburned skin, pigmentation and prickly heat.

Pigmentation is a very common problem during summers; and if you want to keep pigmentation at bay without burning a hole in your pocket, then using red sandalwood powder is the ideal choice.

Not many are aware of the benefits of Red sandalwood, or Raktha Chandana. It is different from the white sandalwood, as it doesn’t have any fragrance.

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